Many Artivists volunteer time and professional expertise to make our organization successful, supporting the Artistic Director. In addition to AaA’s passionate, visionary and dedicated Boardavists (aka our board of directors) and advisory board, we have committees including: Programs; Artivist Support; Fundraising/Outreach and Business of Artivism. Contact Us if you are interested in Joining the Artivist Movement by becoming a board member or volunteering for a committee.


HOMETOWN: Irondequoit, NY
DAY JOB(S): Sales & Marketing for BlogPaws, a division of PetSmart
HISTORY WITH ART AS ACTION: Dancing with Art as Action since 2009, and performing since 2010. Currently serving as the President of the Board after 2 years as Treasurer.
CREDENTIALS: I grew up dancing and performing in one way or another, and I taught dance to school age kids for about 5 years.
PERSONAL ASIDES: I am slightly obsessed with pets, especially dogs

I'M AN ARTIVIST because it's the best example I can set.



HOMETOWN: United States Air Force (dependent).
DAY JOB: Adjunct professor of English, Colorado Women’s College; of Educational Psychology, Graduate School of Education and Human Resources, UCD. Retired from full-time community college teaching.
DREAM JOB: Full-time poet, actor, creative artist
HISTORY W/AaA: Board of Directors, 2011-present. Wayne has been an artivist in every single AaA show!! Dancer, Re-Connect with Your Body Dance Class.
CREDENTIALS: Creativity is an essential aspect of his treatment for Parkinson’s Disease and Existential Despair. His poetry readings are legendary for their dynamic energy, and he reads for p.d. support groups, inmates at Sterling Correctional Facility, coffee-house hipsters, students of all ages, and poetry enthusiasts around the region. He is also a founding collaborator of Us-In-A-Box Theatre Workshop, a group dedicated to original productions and serving the community. Although he retired in 2012, Wayne is in his 36th year of teaching—now as an adjunct professor at two universities in Denver.
PERSONAL ASIDE: Wayne is also known as Grampa Wayne, Magmapoet, Dad and Babe. These are special names w/mystical powers.

I'M AN ARTIVIST because life is just too short for me now to NOT be an artivist—it’s a way to turn pain into beauty and share the beauty w/others!


DAY JOB(S): AaA Artistic Director; Branding Consultant & Designer, sl BRANDING: design
DREAM JOB(S): Artistic Director of AaA Performing Company & School; Mom
HISTORY WITH ART AS ACTION: Every little step from the very beginning!
CREDENTIALS: Sarah strives to bring Artivism into everything she does, from lending her design and branding skills to non-profits and small businesses, to bringing the power of dance to her Reconnect with your Body students and most of all to being the “fearless leader” of the amazing Art as Action community.
PERSONAL ASIDES: Art as Action is the love of my life. It is my dream come true to be surrounded & influenced by such talented people, & spend my days bringing their brilliant creations to the stage. My pride & gratitude are boundless.

I'M AN ARTIVIST because in this community, even when I’m lost, I’m found.


DAY JOB(S): Para-professional (teaching assistant) with 2nd/3rd graders at Horizons K8, volunteer with "Center for Compassionate Connections"
DREAM JOB(S): Mom, Grandma and back-up singer in a rock band
HISTORY WITH ART AS ACTION: I have been a long-time supporter of Art as Action, and am a current board member. This is my second year performing with Art as Action.
ABOUT ME: Since the emergence of a hidden passion for singing and performing, I am eagerly following this exciting path of self-discovery. My latest endeavors are playing guitar and giving voice lessons.
PERSONAL ASIDES: I am thrilled to have joined the board of "Art as Action". I have recently discovered a hidden passion for singing and performing, and am eagerly following this exciting path of self-discovery.

I'M AN ARTIVIST because I get to perform with talented, inspiring people, and I come alive.


HOMETOWN: Rochester, NY
DAY JOB(S): Founder and Manager of an online pet community and national yearly conference
DREAM JOB(S): Just what I’m doing
HISTORY WITH ART AS ACTION: New to the group – excited and happy to be working on fund raising
CREDENTIALS: Business owner, writer, blogger

I'M AN ARTIVIST because art is as much part of the human condition as breathing. Without art, we lose our humanity. With art, we embrace all things – with art we see with different eyes – with art we strive to understand the mysteries of life.


After a 25 year career as an appellate lawyer, BlogPaws co-founder, Tom Collins, followed his interests in the writing and publishing capabilities sitting on his desk into a legal information design and knowledge management consulting practice and a Masters program in Informatics. Tom applies his passions for information design and digital communication to help build WME Books and WME Blogs - and now, the BlogPaws pet blogging community and conference.






Whitney Waugh is an independent dance artist, specializing in contemporary/modern dance technique, education, performance, choreography, and healing through holistic and somatic approaches to the body. Whitney studied Chemistry at Middle Tennessee State University and earned two minor degrees in Biology and Dance. Whitney earned her Master of Fine Art - Dance from Arizona State University in May 2012. In her professional dance career, she has worked with Dulce Dance Company in Phoenix, AZ, Evolving Doors Dance in Denver, CO, Art as Action in Boulder, CO, Unevenlane in Denver, CO, and Maedee Dupres’ company at A Living Arts Centre. She teaches adult level modern dance classes at Lakewood Cultural Center and serves as a Board Member for Art as Action. Currently, she is a company member in Louder Than Words Dancetheatre. In 2015, she launched her company Roots Movement Collective and will be touring her work in Chicago this year. As an educator, her goal is to create, explore, and discover connections with individuals in order to help the dancer find his/her inner artistic voice and spirit through movement.

I'M AN ARTIVIST because my true self flourishes when my art is explored.


Meghan brings a background in nonprofit operations, fund development, strategic planning and program evaluation to Art as Action. Currently, Meghan works with JVA Consulting as the Manager for Organization Development and Planning, where she helps social sector organizations develop actionable strategies to maximize their impact. She holds a BA in English from Virginia Tech and a Master’s of Public Administration from the University of Colorado at Denver. As a writer, singer and former dancer, she has both an understanding and a passion for the transformative power of art and is deeply committed to enhancing Art as Action’s presence in the community as a leader and facilitator of all artists’ creative expression and experience.

I'M AN ARTIVIST because I believe art reminds us of our magic--it's the extraordinary thread that runs through each of us and connects us to each other.

Committee Members


DAY JOB(S): Teacher, therapist, volunteer
DREAM JOB(S): Being a mom
HISTORY WITH ART AS ACTION: Always supporting, occasionally performing, and recently volunteering for and dancing with Reconnect with your Body class.
CREDENTIALS: MA in counseling. loving art and loving artists (especially two dancing daughters)


I'M AN ARTIVIST BECAUSE of the community of creators and life enthusiasts that inspire my own creativity and enthusiasm.


Committee Members


Hometown: Arvada, CO
Current Residence: Wheat Ridge, CO
Day Job: Alumni and Development Communications Manager for the University of Northern Colorado
History with Art as Action: This is my first dance performance EVER and I am so excited to be dancing with this supportive and talented community. I have just joined Art as Action's Program Committee and look forward to working with everyone to maintain and expand the important work this group is doing.
About Me: Three years ago, when I was 42, I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. With my body refusing to move the way I wanted and expected it to, I craved the fluid and graceful feeling of dance. It is one way I don't let PD control my life—I look forward to skiing with my kids this winter, seeing my husband's photography from his upcoming trip to South Africa and writing about my upcoming trip to Mexico City for Zona Maco and the Material Art Fair.

I'M AN ARTIVIST BECAUSE creativity heals.

Contact Us if you are interested in Joining the Artivist Movement by becoming a board member or volunteering for a committee.

Past Board Members


HOMETOWN: Hawesville, KY
DAY JOB(S): Stay-at-home Mom
DREAM JOB(S): Stay-at-home Mom with staff
HISTORY WITH ART AS ACTION: The 10th Anniversary Season will be Joy's 6th and 7th shows with Art as Action. Having been in the first AaA show as a dancer, she has since participated as a writer, choreographer, dancer, performer, sound technician, and film maker.
CREDENTIALS: Joy started taking dance classes while attending Murray State University in Kentucky, where she received a BA in English Education and Health Education in 1998. After moving to CO, she continued taking dance classes with Jill and Sarah Leversee. Several years of classes, rehearsals, and performances later, she's proud to be a friend of the beautiful Leversee sisters as well as a veteran Art as Action cast member.
PERSONAL ASIDES: Being a part of Art as Action is a fulfilling and significant experience. It brings creativity, community, and contemplation to my life. Plus through my commitment to the group and its values, I demonstrate the importance of artivism to my children.

I'M AN ARTIVIST BECAUSE creating within the community of Art as Action is a fulfilling and rejuvenating experience. My dedication to and participation in this group not only promotes creativity, community, and contemplation within myself, but also expresses its importance to my children.


HOMETOWN: Simi Valley, California
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Boulder, Colorado
DAY JOB: Career Counselor by day, Art as Action board member by night
HISTORY WITH ART AS ACTION: 2009 Identity Crisis dancer; 2010 Holding Pattern and 2011 Beautiful Mistake actor, choreographer, and dancer; 2012 board member.
CREDENTIALS: Annie began dancing in utero. Since making an entrance into this world, she has been climbing trees and rocks, skipping along fences and balance beams, hamming it up for friends and family, and dancing to the beat of a happy, silly drummer. Her movement background includes: ballet, climbing, gymnastics, salsa, swing, tango, and aerial dance. Annie has taken classes taught by David Dorfman, Liz Lerman, and Peter Pucci, and performs with the Frequent Flyers’ Apprentice Company. Annie obtained her Master's degree in Higher Education from Harvard University and works at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
PERSONAL ASIDES: Thanks to an amazing group of artists and friends who creatively collaborate, and to Dave Payne, my wonderfully supportive partner who makes me laugh and reminds me that dancing Annie=happy Annie!

I'M AN ARTIVIST BECAUSE The best way I know how to bring out the spark in others is by first aligning my values (creativity, joy and communication) with my passion for connecting with and learning from diverse individuals in meaningful ways. Art as Action allows me to do that through education, exploration and performance.


HOMETOWN: Well that all depends… Ft. Worth Texas/Denver, Colorado
DAY JOB(S): Art Consultant, Business Owner, Interim Gallery Director of Emmanuel Gallery, Auraria Higher Education Campus, Mom
DREAM JOB(S): livin’ it!
HISTORY WITH ART AS ACTION: Attended my first Art As Action performance in 2012 and is am thrilled to have found an organization that is primed for growth that can use some help from my non-profit/government arts background- whose mission I can fully support!
CREDENTIALS: Grew up dancing, acting, and singing but somehow lost touch with each community as she was going through college, getting married, working, having children...

I'M AN ARTIVIST BECAUSE what a great organization that supports many different levels of engagement with the arts!

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