Create, Collaborate or Perform in an Art as Action Show

1. Create a Piece
Have an idea(s) for a piece that fits in with Art as Action? Contact us and tell us about your idea.

2. Collaborate on a Piece
Looking for another artivist to collaborate with for and Art as Action performance? Contact us and let us know what you are interested in contributing, and we will try to connect you with other artivists.

3. Perform in a Piece
Would you like to participate in someone else’s piece as a dancer, musician, poet, filmmaker, circus artist or something else? Contact us and we will try to hook you up with creating artivists.

Piece Submission Process

The 2016 Piece Submission Process will take place in July. 2016 PRODUCTION/PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE

©2016 Art as Action | Photos courtesy of Annabelle Denmark Photography