July 26 & 27, 2002 at 8:00 p.m. at The Dairy Center for the Arts Performance Space in Boulder, Colorado.

In our debut production, Learn/Heal/Act, in July of 2002, we exposed many myths of sexual assault, and presented many different perspectives of how rape affects us as individuals, as families, as communities, as humans.

The performance was met with incredibly positive feedback, and raised over $1,000 for a local Boulder sexual assault hotline, MESA: Moving to End Sexual Assault, as well as a National rape awareness organization, RAINN: Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.

Artistic Director: Sarah Leversee
Associate Directors: Joe Ramas, Marci Wojciechowski and Sven Jorgensen

Dance: Samantha Gilbert, Sarah Leversee, Joy Mattingly, Amy McClure, Erin Robinson, Shannon Sawyer, Mandi Sweet, Marci Wojciechowski, Hope Walsweer, Derek Stanley

Poetry: Wayne Gilbert, Athena Huff-Sandstrom

Music: MPDP (Lori Alger, Dave Crotser, Mike Hines, Joe Ramas), Matt Hovey, Trevor Krug, John Larchick

Circus: Sven Jorgensen

Additional Performers: Eugenie Morton, Dennis Warren, Jaimie Ferrerra

Learn/Heal/Act Program Information


Music by: The Chemical Brothers


Inviting the Dragon in for Tea Part I
Created & Performed by: Eugenie Morton

Constructive Interference
Created & Performed by: Sven Jorgensen, Sarah Leversee and MPDP: Lori Alger, Dave Crotser, Mike Hines, Joe Ramas

Created by: Marci
Performed by: Samantha, Sarah, Erin Robinson, Shannon Sawyer, Hope Walsweer, Marci

Broken Glass Part I
Created and Performed by: Athena Huff-Sandstrom

Created & Performed by: Joe

Created by: Joy Mattingly
Performed by: Lori, Mike, Joy & Derek Stanley
Music arrangement by: Mike (original song by The Deftones)

Created & Performed by: Sven
Music by: Beth Quist

It was mine
Created & Performed by: Sarah

Created & Performed by: Dave, Mike, Sarah & Joe

Straight Jacket
Created & Performed by: Sven & Joe

Inviting the Dragon in for Tea Part II

A Father’s Message
Created & Performed by: Samantha & Wayne Gilbert
Music by: John Larchick

Ivory Tower
Created by: Sven, Joe & Matt Hovey
Performed by: Sven, Joe, Matt & Cast

P.S. Gone Fishing
Created & Performed by: Mike & Joe

Light of Day
Created by: Sarah, Joy & Marci
Performed by: Samantha, Sarah, Joy, Amy, Erin, Shannon, Mandi, Marci
Music Mix by: Trevor Krug

Created & Performed by: Marci Wojciechowski

Inviting the Dragon for Tea Part III

Broken Glass II

Broken Glass Part III

Liability Insurance
Created by: Eugenie Morton
Performed by: Eugenie, Dennis Warren, Jaimie Ferrerra, Amy McClure, Mandi Sweet

Performed by: Entire Cast
Music by: MPDP

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