March 26-27, 2004 at The Dairy Center for the Arts Performance Space in Boulder and April 24, 2004 at The Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater in Denver.

In the face of a war that is not in our name and a nation where it is easy to feel we no longer have a voice, Art as Action developed, Citizen of the Earth.

In the creation and presentation of Citizen of the Earth, Art as Action broke down the boundaries between genres of art to symbolize bridging the gap between nations; between classes; between genders; between corporate modern life and conscious, sustainable existence; where we can embrace Identity, integrate Compassion, and achieve Unity. Citizen of the Earth included original creations from a number of local and national artists that were interested in working together to create social change.

What would our day-to-day life look like if humans could overcome our base destructive behaviors, embrace individual identities, integrate genuine compassion in our choices and behavior, to achieve absolute unity as one human family?

"In your every day life, we challenge you to: Nurture your compassionate heart, and care for your powerful creativity; Don't despair; Exercise your inner strengths; Keep creating; Avoid hatred and rage; Practice expressing your powers where they make a difference; Love your loved ones harder than ever, and remember human from all walks of life love one another in the same ways." -Wayne Gilbert

"If only we can overcome cruelty, to human and animal, with love and compassion we shall stand at the threshold of a new era in human moral and spiritual evolution- and realize, at last, our most unique quality: humanity." -Jane Goodall

Artistic Director: Sarah Leversee / Associate Directors: Samantha Gilbert, Joe Ramas, Sven Jorgensen
Dance: Lori Alger, Amanda Drake, Samantha Gilbert, Jodie Goldman, Sarah Leversee, Joe Ramas, Jill Leversee, Megan Chandler, Marija Krtolica / Circus: Sven Jorgensen / Poetry: Wayne Gilbert, Jan Leversee, Athena Huff-Sandstrom / Music: Erin Sitton, Chuck Rourke, Joe Ramas, Mike Hines, Dave Crotser, Sarah Leversee, Derek Disterhoft, Lori Alger / Film: Robin Hammer, Mandaline Godown, Nigel Aves / Additional Performers: Samuel Blundell, Stephanie Brooks, Jessica Caouette, Ashley Faoliu, Erika Hutchinson, John Larchick, Ryan Madson, Erica Martin, Felicia Ohnmacht, Jeff Russell

Citizen of the Earth Program Information


(Innocent Division)
Concept: Jose-Maria L. Ramas

Promised Land
Concept, Choreography, Lyrics and Vocals: Sarah Leversee
Music: Michael Hines
Dancers: Amanda Drake, Samantha Gilbert, Jodi Goldman, Sarah Leversee


Box Piece
Concept & Direction: Joe Ramas
Music: Derek Disterhoft / Cinematography: Nigel Aves
Choreography: Jill Leversee and Sarah Leversee
Costumes: Erica Martin
Make-up: Jessica Caouette / Set/Props: The Cast
Dancers: Jill Leversee and Sarah Leversee
Performers: Samuel Blundell, Stephanie Brooks, Jessica Caouette, Meagan Chandler, Dave Crotser, Amanda Drake, Ashley Faoliu, Samantha Gilbert, Jodi Goldman, Mandy Godown, Athena Huff-Sandstrom, Erika Hutchinson, Sven Jorgensen, John Larchick, Ryan Madson, Erica Martin, Felicia Ohnmacht, Jeff Russell, Jose-Maria L. Ramas, Erin Sitton

Spin I
Concept: Jose-Maria L. Ramas

Spin II
Concept: Jose-Maria L. Ramas

Freedom Fighter
(for Elisa Carbone and other artists with a social conscience)
Text: Wayne A. Gilbert
Performer: Wayne A. Gilbert

Two in Twin Cities By the evening of March 28, 2003, a devastating spring blizzard was closing down Metropolitan Denver. That same evening, not so far away, George W. Bush was bombing Baghdad.
Concept: Wayne A. Gilbert
Text: Wayne A. Gilbert and Jan Leversee
Performers: Wayne A. Gilbert and Jan Leversee

Thorn Grass
Concept, Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design and Text: Robin Hammer
Voice performance: Paul Ankenman

The Plato Factor
Music: Jose Maria L. Ramas
Choreography: Sarah Leversee and Jose Maria L. Ramas
Performers: Sarah Leversee and Jose Maria L. Ramas

In Search of a Face
Choreography: Marija Krtolica
Dancer: Marija Krtolica
Music by: Alfred Schnitke

Mortal Legacy
Concept and Text: Mandaline Godown
Music: Derick Disterhoft
Cinematography: Nigel Aves
Performer: Mandaline Godown
Make-up: Athena Huff-Sandstrom

Love Song
Concept: Lori Alger
Music: Ofra Haza / Lyrics by: Old Testament
Perfomers: Lori Alger and Meagan Chandler

The Middle Road/String Theory
Concept, Text, Choreography and Props: Sven Jorgensen
Music: Jose-Maria L. Ramas and Dave Croster
Performer: Sven Jorgensen

Mermaid Complex
Concept & Direction: Joe Ramas
Music: Joe Ramas & Derek Disterhoft
Vocals and Lyrics: Meagan Chandler
Cinematography: Sven Jorgenson
Choreography: Meagan Chandler & Samantha Gilbert
Costumes: Erica Martin
Set/Props: Joe Ramas & Jessica Caouette
Dancers: Meagan Chandler, Samantha Gilbert, Sven Jorgenson, Joe Ramas

Urban Sprawl
Concept and Choreography: Sarah Leversee
Music: The Chemical Brothers
Dancers: Lori Alger, Amanda Drake, Samantha Gilbert, Jodie Goldman, Sarah Leversee

Text: Athena Huff-Sandstrom
Performer: Athena Huff-Sandstrom
Set/Props: Dave Crotser and Athena Huff-Sandstrom

Music: Erin Sitton
Choreography: Sarah Leversee
Performers: Sarah Leversee and Erin Sitton

Creator and Performer: Dave Crotser

Constructive Interference
Concept, Direction and Music: Dave Crotser and Jose-Maria L. Ramas
Performers: Dave Crotser, Sven Jorgensen, Jose-Maria L. Ramas and cast

(Intermission Box Piece)
Created and Performed by: Lori Alger



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