November 8 & 9, 2013 at 8pm at The Dairy Center for the Arts Performance Space

Art as Action’s exceptional collective of dancers, poets, musicians and aerialists presented Break Open, an original, multi-disciplinary performance exploring the power of openness and vulnerability in an increasingly tumultuous world. This performance was the product of Art as Action’s one of a kind collaborative framework: The Artivist Process.

Break Open Videos

The Artivist Process is a series of brainstorming sessions and in-progress showings that bring artists together, encouraging collaboration and providing an empowering and supportive environment for artists to produce entertaining and powerful work.

The Artivist Process distinguishes Art as Action from other performing arts organizations; the work that comes out of our unique method is unlike any other. In addition to enhancing individual pieces, these sessions create a collective consciousness among the Artivists on how to impact the community, support each other and represent the diverse aspects of the show theme. The passion and dedication of our Artivists is the essence of what makes all Art as Action productions successful and the 2013 cast made Break Open our most innovative and impactful show to date.

Break Open was inspired by a poem written by Wayne A. Gilbert. Through the Artivist Process, we explored how being open can bring us together. Break Open also delved into the challenges of being open and vulnerable, inevitable pain, disappointment and loss. However, by “breaking open” and existing in the world with open hearts and minds, we can improve human connection and growth.

Featuring Art as Action’s talented ensemble of Artivists:

MUSIC: Leann Roberts, Dave Payne, Andy Snyders, Aaron Wheeler
WORDS: Wayne Gilbert, Carrie Howard, Lo Larocque, Jan Leversee
DANCE/AERIAL: Katie Brunner, Chloe DiVita, Joy Jackson, Shirley Lammers, Jill Leversee, Erica Martin, Amy McClure, Annie Piatt, Stacey Powell, Shannon Sawyer, Fallon Voorheis, Marci Wojciechowski
PHOTOS: Annabelle Denmark Photography

Break Open Videos

This project was funded in part by a grant from the Boulder Arts Commission, an agency of the Boulder City Council.

©2015 Art as Action | Photos courtesy of Annabelle Denmark Photography