Break Open

by Wayne A. Gilbert

break open
you are no more finished than a pod of seeds
you were not made to be finished
you were made to be sown split open
you were made for roots broad leaves for stems flowers

when do roots decide to push no further
when do stems decide not to stiffen or bend
when do flowers refuse to bud bloom wilt fall
when do seeds refuse to float away

each must break open to the next evolve into the other lean into its own season
or choke       on itself       rot
i already know      too many       living dead

break open
you were not made to flourish in a suit of armor
you will only languish in a shell

in these times of oppression war ignorance hate
my advice seems counter-intuitive

when others are resentful jealous bitter mean
what i am telling you is downright dangerous

you must
open break

even when you think you finally know
all there is to know because god herself
told you this is it baby
break open

we have had more than enough violence idiocy pestilence pain
never more than now
but we have never had enough hearts minds souls
break open       break

when you believe you have arrived your work is done
you ain’t seen nothin’ yet
break open

when you despair this world’s all of hell you need to know
you ain’t seen nothin’ yet
break open

you were made to be forever
you must always
break open

©2004 wayne a. gilbert

©2014 Art as Action | Photos courtesy of Annabelle Denmark Photography