Art as Action performances are a collage of diverse art genres, backgrounds and ideas. This process impacts artists and audience members alike by presenting new and unique perspectives on prominent social issues and universal human themes. Our productions are entertaining, thought-provoking, inspiring and accessible to a wide-range of audiences. We bring together members of various art communities and allow artists the opportunity to collaborate and transcend the boundaries between art genres. The result is the continuous growth of a network of people who share a passion for art and social change.

Art as Action productions to date include our thirteen evening-length performances presented at The Dairy Center for the Arts, Broomfield Auditroium, work|space Denver, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater and The Packing House Center for the Arts.

It is our greatest contribution to the community to share our art and activism through collaborative performances, and the community's greatest contribution to Art as Action is to motivate us to create and perform the very work that is inherent in our “artivist” selves.

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“Art as Action is one of the most innovative art shows to be found in Denver. If you can get a ticket, you will be one of the lucky ones. Thoughtfully provoking and equally charitable, this group can honestly say they use the power of collaborative art to create social change." - Tammy Abramovitz, Warren Village Board of Trustees, Benevolent Recipient of Art as Action 2010

©2015 Art as Action | Photos courtesy of Annabelle Denmark Photography