The History of Art as Action - 13 years of Artivism

October 9 & 10 at 8pm at Broomfield Auditorium

TENSION was a 100% original work, Art as Action’s 13th performance created through our one-of-a-kind collaborative framework, The Artivist Process. TENSION was more than just one type of art, one solitary perspective, one individual’s artistic vision. It was a collaborative performance featuring Art as Action’s exceptional collective of Artivists, exploring tension - the build up, the release and everything in between.



December 5 & 6, 2014 at The Dairy Center for the Arts

Art as Action’s exceptional collective of dancers, poets, musicians, visual artists and aerialists delved into the theme of both/and through Art as Action’s one of a kind collaborative framework, The Artivist Process, culminating in an innovative and impactful multi-disciplinary performance. both/and was an exploration of dichotomies - instead of fixating on either/or, black/white - embracing the gray of our existence and making peace with uncertainty. both/and was our 12th performance created through The Artivist Process.

both/and Videos

Break Open
November 8-9, 2013 at The Dairy Center for the Arts

Art as Action’s exceptional collective of dancers, poets, musicians and aerialists presented Break Open, an original, multi-disciplinary performance exploring the power of openness and vulnerability in an increasingly tumultuous world. This performance was the product of Art as Action’s one of a kind collaborative framework: The Artivist Process.

Break Open Videos

November 9-10, 2012 at The Dairy Center for the Arts

Our tenth original collaborative performance, Impermanence was entertaining, thought provoking and inspiring by inviting performers and audience members to reflect on the tension between holding on and letting go – a common human experience at the root of many exhilarating and/or painful events throughout life.

Impermanence Videos

A DECADE OF ARTIVISM - 10th Anniversary Celebration
July 20 and 21 at 7pm at work|space

Ten years to the month from when the first Art as Action show debuted, Artivists of past, present and future came together to revisit favorite pieces. We raised a celebratory Artivist Cocktail at the Artivist Happy Hour, experienced amazing performances and the continued the party with an Artivist Dance Party featuring DJ rabiit Society.

beautiful mistake
November 18-19, 2011 at The Dairy Center for the Arts

beautiful mistake was a collage of diverse art genres, backgrounds and ideas that impacted artists and audience members alike by presenting new and unique perspectives on a universal human experience – finding beauty, growth and opportunity in unexpected places: our mistakes.

Beautiful Mistake Videos

August 13-15, 2010 at The Packing House Center for the Arts

A collective performance exploring what it means to be present while you wait, & how waiting defines our lives. In keeping with the Holding Pattern theme, 10% of ticket sales were donated to Warren Village, a Denver non-profit that provides transitional housing for single parent families.

January 30-31, 2009 at The Dairy Center for the Arts

In the midst of the climate crisis, the economic crisis and the health care crisis, local and national artists come together to look at the root of all of the world issues: the personal and social impact of what we believe and how it aligns, or conflicts, with the action we take, also known as The Identity Crisis.

May 26-27, 2006 at The Dairy Center for the Arts

How does our sense of privilege and accountability in our day-to-day lives and our subsequent actions or inactions affect our community, our country and our world? Constructive Interference explored the concepts of responsibility and entitlement locally and globally.

February 4-5, 2005 at The Dairy Center for the Arts
March 4-5, 2005 at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater

Between the feminist movement, gay marriage, the religious right and the idea that it takes a village to raise a child, FAMILY: re-eVALUated gave artists an opportunity to speak out about where they have come from and where they are going. Since Art as Action’s inception in 2002, we as artists have discovered that we can create new artistic families. This production was a celebration of the Art as Action family. Our goal was to encourage the artists and audience to examine their family history, and their future, as well as open their minds and eyes to unconventional family structures and how they are changing the face of our society.

October 1-2, 2004 at The Dairy Center for the Arts

A performance inspired by the music and ideas of Ani DiFranco. By exploring her work, and creating our own work inspired by it, we can find a little Ani in ourselves, and find our own process of combining art and activism, all the while valuing the human heart.

“art is why I get up in the morning, but my definition ends there – it doesn’t seem fair - that I am living for something I can’t even define, but there you are right there in the mean time.”
- Ani DiFranco

March 26-27, 2004 at The Dairy Center for the Arts
April 24, 2004 at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater

In the face of a war that is not in our name and a nation where it is easy to feel we no longer have a voice, Art as Action developed, Citizen of the Earth. In the creation and presentation of Citizen of the Earth, Art as Action broke down the boundaries between genres of art to symbolize bridging the gap between nations; between classes; between genders; between corporate modern life and conscious, sustainable existence; where we can embrace Identity, integrate Compassion, and achieve Unity. What would our day-to-day life look like if humans could overcome our base destructive behaviors, embrace individual identities, integrate genuine compassion in our choices and behavior, to achieve absolute unity as one human family?

March 26-27, 2004 at The Dairy Center for the Arts

In our debut production, Art as Action exposed many myths of sexual assault, and presented many different perspectives of how rape affects us as individuals, as families, as communities, as humans. The performance was met with incredibly positive feedback, and raised over $1,000 for a local Boulder sexual assault hotline, MESA: Moving to End Sexual Assault, as well as a National rape awareness organization, RAINN: Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.

other performances & events

7.10.10 HOLDING PATTERN Preview at Dance Night for Beginners @ The Packing House Center for the Arts

10.17.09 Benefit Performance for Anna Jansen @ Dam East Clubhouse

7.03.09 First Friday poetry&dancejam @ Joyful Furniture

6.05.09 First Friday poetry&danceJam @ Joyful Furniture

11.09.08 Dance is for Everybody @ Boulder Public Library

9.20.08 The Audacity of Art - Artivists for Obama @ Folsom Street Coffee

6.21.08 A fundraiser for Art as Action @ Joyful Furniture

5.25.08 AaA Back in Action @ Boulder Creek Fest

10.14.07 the sum of (my) broken parts @ Dance is for Everybody, Boulder Public Library

5.27.06 Constructive Interference Preview @ Creek Fest

12.07.05 Artivist Jam #3 Homelessness Here and Abroad @ Boulder Circus Center
9.9.05 Artivist Jam #2 The Israel/Palestine Conflict @ Preeminence Hall
8.7.05 Artivist Jam #1 Genocide in Darfur @ The Dairy Center

9.30.05 displaced Sarah Leversee solo @ Dancers Turn Out for Katrina Relief, The Dairy Center for the Arts Performance Space

4.27.05 Classes at-risk youth @ National Dance Week

1.22.05 The Plato Factor and Smoke Box performance @ Fringe Benefits, The Dairy Center for the Arts East Theater

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