The Artivist Process

Art as Action performances are a product of The Artivist Process, AaA’s distinctive take on the creative process.

The Artivist Process is a collaborative framework developed over AaA’s 13 year history that provides the philosophy and structure for all AaA programs. The Process is designed to invite collaboration, build community, spark new ways of thinking and provide an outlet for creativity and expression. The Process brings together a community of curious, passionate and dedicated individuals who blend art forms and provide feedback and support. This unique approach ensures that the culminating artistic work belongs to everyone and that everyone benefits from the expertise of the collective as they experiment with new art forms and explore diverse aspects of the human experience. This unique intensity of collaboration cultivates diversity, promotes high levels of groundbreaking artistry and results in powerful impact on participants and audience members.

The Artivist Process begins with two Orientation/Brainstorming Sessions in early Spring. These sessions will give artists a taste of what Art as Action is all about, what The Artivist Process entails as well as begin brainstorming about the show theme. These sessions also provide the opportunity for artists to connect with each other and start to develop piece ideas. Participants offer constructive feedback that provides opportunities for discussion, debate, discovery and brainstorming. This process:

Create/Collaborate/Perform in an Art as Action show | Piece Submission Process | The Artivist Process - Step by Step

"I can recall few other situations where such determination to achieve the highest possible standard has dominated the way it does in Art as Action. The artists have the most incredible & amazing ambition, enthusiasm & talent I’ve ever seen gathered in one place! Their determination & spirit have been a constant inspiration to me, & helped me develop even further as a creative artist & performer." - Wayne Gilbert, poet

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