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2016 Performance

body mind mystery

Saturday November 19th 7pm & Sunday November 20th 2pm
at Broomfield Auditorium

BODY MIND MYSTERY was more than just one type of art, one solitary perspective, one individuals artistic vision. It was a collaborative performance featuring Art as Actions exceptional collective of Artivists.

BODY MIND MYSTERY was a 100% original work, Art as Actions 14th performance created through our one-of-a-kind collaborative framework, The Artivist Process.

DANCE: Deb Silver, Jill Leversee, Jen Hightower, Emma Scher, Sarah Leversee, Margie Dahlin, Amy Dressel-Martin, Karen Talcott, Jan Leversee, Wayne A. Gilbert, Tina Schoenherr, Leann Roberts
MULTIMEDIA: Diana Sabreen, Adam LaPlante
SPOKEN WORD: Jan Leversee, Wayne A. Gilbert, Tom Collins
MUSIC: Karen Horan, Jon Gold, Leann Roberts, Austin Goodman, Meghan Camp

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©2017 Art as Action | Photos courtesy of Annabelle Denmark Photography